Infrared systems for heat treatment of GRP, CFRP, FRP, composite materials and plastics in general

The trend to lightweight materials in all common industrial sectors contains a huge potential for infrared applications. The production of these materials takes place under the aid of specific heat supply to activate and accelerate the proceedings as well as to realize hardening processes.

Previous mini-series of carbon components are going to be replaced by medium series. So far the application has been concentrated to fewer applications (e. g. aircraft industry, racing and automobiles luxury class). Due to improved and more cost-effective manufacturing methods a widespread industrial application can be observed. This trend will grow in the coming years and, from the vantage point of the present, will last for an indefinite period. Intelligent infrared-systems by IBT are going to accompany this development.

One of the activator for this rapid development is the trend to electro mobility (BMW AG, Tesla Motors Inc.). Challenging plastics and composites systems differ in low-cost and high-end versions and require exactly adjusted processing options.

Integrated quartz- or ceramic-emitter guarantee a fast heating rate, adjustable voltage supply and – if required – high emitter temperatures. We assume punctual as well as extensive heating tasks, which are controllable adjusted to clock- and cycle times.

In an exemplary application our high-efficient STIR®-heaters are treating interior components of carbon-fiber, such as used in the interior space of sports cars.

Your requirements

  • A thermal system adjusted to your product
  • Fast, direct, homogeneous and contact-free energy input
  • An integrated, variable zone control and power input
  • Reduced plant dimensions and shortened processing times
  • Maintenance free
  • Flexibility in construction and plant engineering, even for small production areas

Our service

  • Transfer of customers- and product requirements
  • Selection of a suitable radiation source
  • Conception, engineering, development and project planning
  • Equipping, set up and upgrading of plants (retrofit, implementation)
  • Technical support before, during and after commissioning
  • 24 months guarantee for infrared technic and mechanical construction
  • 12 months guarantee for controlling elements


IBT.InfraBioTech GmbH is an established manufacturer of infrared-plant-technology and specialist for infrared radiation heat. We have long-term experiences about thermal processes and product-know-how for efficient energy transfer in the wavelength spectrum between from 0.78 μm to 10 μm. Our STIR®-Technology is protected by patents.

Our process- and product-know-how is perfectly matched to treat your GRP, CFRP, composites and plastics materials efficiently and gently.

Thereby the company IBT appears as a turnkey provider from the engineering, manufacturing and installation up to after-sales services.

01 Continuous plant for series production

  • Continuous systems
  • Infrared-tunnel
  • Mobile batch plants

02 Plants for quality assurance

  • IR-desks for the reworking of carbon components
  • Small emitters for the partial treatment of surfaces

03 Mobile devices for variable operation

  • Infrared table infrared module
  • Mobile infrared tripod
  • Mobile heating plants

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